The Very Poor State of Cycle Route 63 –

Some parts of the National Cycle Route 63 Whittlesey to Coates are in what could be described as Not fit for purpose in Council/Government speak, especially from Eastrea (Dip) through to Coates (Lake) – It has been in this state for some considerable time.
I have heard rumblings recently from a couple of Councillors about it.
I once tried ‘navigating’ my way along it on my very robust mobilty scooter – it was very challenging to say the least and I certainly wouldn’t attempt it in its current condition.
On the case….

RB informs me…this is the state of Route 63 Cycle Track (Lake Drove) after  cars and vans used it as an alternative route when the A605 was closed last Wednesday.
I believe seven cars including a van were stuck and had to be pulled out.
The last car was pulled out as it was getting dark as witnessed by myself.
The road closure was because of a blocked sewer, opposite the Gables Care Home.
 Agreed, it has been heavily used as a farm track over the years as well as a cycle way

(click on picture to enlarge)

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