WTC Full Council Report – June #2

June 2024 - WTC Meeting Pro Forma Ver. 1
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BIG BASH 2024 – Today Come and Say Hello I am there all day.

The sun will make an appearance today.
Come and enjoy a wonderful day out.

Image – WTC – RWT Photography.

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Delay in Producing WTC Council Report #2 – Due Technical Issues…

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Friends Of Jubilee Wood

Last night a small group –
The Friends of Jubilee Wood met up and carried out a couple of hours maintenance and tidying around the trees.

In the near future a ‘Bee Hive’ will be installed, this has been delayed because one person complained….

We have obatined permission from Fenland District Council, a full risk assessment, and management plan in place. The Hive will be managed by Beekeeper.

There is signage and if left alone they will not normally interfere with anyone.


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Crime Stats

Crime Stats NP May 2024
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Nationwide Whittlesey Refurbishment

After substantial damage done to the building as a result of a ‘Ram Raid’ –
Nationwide Whittlesey will close whilst major building works are carried out.

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WTC Full Council Report – June #1

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WTC Paperwork 240620
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Don’t Be Fooled On July 4th….

This is Mr Clayton Payne ‘Headline’ on his election leaflet.

Mr Payne is full of rhetoric in his accusations of other candidates standing in the St Andrews Bi-Election.

Mr Clayton Payne, ‘just’ lives within 200 metres of the Boundary to make him eligible to stand as a candidate – he has never stood in Whittlesey before and lives in Black Drove, Murrow – What does Mr Clayton Payne know about Whittlesey, the community or the Council – he could have come to last nights Town Council meeting but didn’t turn out.

As for accusing ex councillor(s) of being Conservatives and now standing as Independent,
Maybe Mr Clayton Payne’s memory is somewhat short…having stood previously not on one party platform but several……!!!!

While I’m at it, I’ve collected a number of discarded election leaflets bearing Mr Clayton Paynes literature.

So please take Mr Clayton Paynes advice –
Don’t Be Fooled by Him on
July 4th.


ps…. He even forgot to put stamps on a number of his envelopes – costing those who wanted the delivery £5 – I understand he has paid some back.

I make no excuses,Vote for Independent at the Whittlesey By-Elections 4th July.

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The Wrecked Vandalised Manor Picnic Bench

I am personally offering a reward of £500 for information leading the a conviction of those responsible for this act of vandalism.

If you are able to given any information it should be reported to the Police.

This has to stop – please.

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Today Friday – Council Office Closed to Public

Due to unforseen circumstances, the Whittlesey Town Council Office will not be open to the public today.

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Someone Asked ?

(Q) Why is the A605 being resurfaced when other areas ie Coates to Cemetery Road are in worse condition.
(A) It is my understanding that this section (Cemetery Road – Kellyvision Roundabout) failed a ‘skid -test’ and therefor was given priority.

The Highways Engineer had been out with CC David Connor some weeks ago on an inspection of the A605 Coates to Cemetery Road and had the repair work costed at some £440,000. He was then told there was only £20,000 in the budget.

I now understand there is an update on this but not been told officially.

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FDC Planning Committee Agenda

Note:- I am no longer a member of FDC’s Planning Committee – I was terminated?

Under confidential items – 2 Market Street Whittlesey – (Old Nat West Building) which has been in a state of disrepair for some considerable time.
The committee will discuse what is action required.

FDC Agenda frontsheet 26062024 1300 Planning Committee
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