Well Done Benwick Volunteers


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Fen Cops – Drink Drivers Caught

Seven drink drive arrests were made by our officers across the county this weekend!

Two of which were in Fenland…

🚔 Southwell Road, Wisbech – 43-year-old man blew 79 at the roadside after being stopped for manner of driving
🚔 Wisbech Road, March – 19-year-old man blew 80 at the roadside after we received a call from a member of the public with concerns about someone’s driving

Both have been charged and are due in court next month.

Did you know we’ve got a dedicated hotline for you to report concerns about drink driving? It’s confidential and available 24/7, you just need to call 0800 032 0845.

Information about drink driving, the law and the penalties, can be found on our website here 👉 https://orlo.uk/hQCQU

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WTC Full Council & Annual Parish Council Agenda’s

There will be presenation of Cheques by the current Mayor for her nominated charities from around 17:30 – The Annual meeting of the Parish Counci at 18:00

WTC Parish Meeting 23rd May 2024 WTC Annual Council Agenda Thursday 23rd May 2024
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Short Update on PPG Meeting Today.

8 members of the Patients Participation Group attended The New Queen Street Surgery this morning, including myself.

We were introduced to Liam Rushton who is a Project Manager for The Intregated Neighbourhood Team, we were all a bit baffled in ‘what’ exactly his role and remit is?
We also had Becky Hill who has worked at the Surgery for many years, her role now is Patient Service Manager, so she will deal with day-to day issues, problems, complaints and ANIMA ?

We were informed that some 9594 (as of last week) patients had signed up for ANIMA, which is approximately 50% of the total number of patients at NQS & Stanground.

The recent Patients Survey has been completed by 607 – whereas the last one only 100+ completed it.

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Round-up From Yur City Centre Neighbourhood Team

It was a case of right place right time for your city centre neighbourhood team this last week!

In Westgate we arrested a man with an offensive weapon.

Supported our ambulance service colleagues after a man suffered a cardiac arrest in Queensgate bus station.

Sent a man to court after spotting him in an area where his court bail conditions stopped him from being.

Arrested a woman for assault after fighting on Long Causeway.

Came across a man walking down Bridge Street who had been attacked the day before (taking him to hospital, gathering evidence then locating a suspect and arresting him).

Assisted with the search for a missing person thought to be in the city centre.

Supported our ambulance colleagues who were dealing with an overdose near the cathedral.

Carried out joint patrols with partner agencies.

Security marked more than 50 bikes as part of our ongoing cycle theft operation.

Completed weapons sweeps as part of Operation Sceptre – a knife crime reduction week of action.

Provided support to a woman who had taken an overdose.

Assisted with a collision we came across which had blocked a road.

Dealt with a drink driver.

Provided support at the Brewery Tap carpark soup kitchen

Just a snap-shot of the work we do here in Neighbourhood Policing.

Want to let us know what you think we should be focussing on? Fill in our short survey

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Robust Debate @ The New Queen Street Surgery PPG Meeting

Further to Cllr Chris Harpers comments last week (Park Farm Peterborough – re Stanground Surgery) – this is the press release I uinderstand will be going out from NQS.

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Bin Lorry Fire Causes Delays

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The Good and Not So Good

After cleaning up the Skate Park twice last week, I go out yesterday for some therapeutic litterpicking only to find it has been trashed again, this time I left it.

On a better note, what lovely wild walled garden at The Pound….

My thanks to the few who could make The Jubilee Wood tidy up on Saturday.

Coming soon, the Wild Flower & Poppy Garden.

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Saxongate News Update 190524

Important update from Saxongate
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City of Peterborough Concert Band @ St Andrews

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I’ve Been Terminated & Anglia Water News Update

The nations Water Companies are in the news again and not for good reasons.

When Anglian Water came to Fenland Council last year – I forced them to apologise for the amount and number of breaches in their dumping of waste into our waterways and sea.
(Overview & Scrutiny Committee).

However without anyone having the courtesy to contact me or inform me, my position(s) has been ‘Terminated’ on the O&S plus Planning.

I found out only by reading the paperwork.

I sincerely hope that some on the O&S who have yet after several meetings find ‘a question’ to ask those before them?

240516 - Anglian Water and Cambridge Water New Reservoir in the Fens


If you are able to attend or have any questions about the project and the forthcoming consultation, please contact [email protected]. Please can you also confirm the names, roles and email addresses of anyone else you’d also like to attend the briefing.    

Anglian Water and Cambridge Water are proposing a new reservoir in the Fens that will secure water supply to our customers for future generations.    

To contact the Fens Reservoir team, please email us at [email protected] or call our hotline on 0800 915 2492 and leave a message     

For any other enquiries about Anglian Water, please visit

For any other enquiries about Cambridge Water, please visit

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Happy Ending For Missing Dog

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