Questions – Kings Dyke Crossing…. Time To Come Clean

I have deliberately left this post to see how many people viewed the ‘Minutes’ of the Combined Authority (posted yesterday) – 3,800 people viewed it.
I wonder why? – with all the activity on social media and my own postings and interest shown by the number of ‘visitors’ – that there has been NO official communication from anyone regarding the latest hold-ups.
There is a lot of rumour – perhaps some of it near the truth – We have county councillors, district councillors and town councillors, none have made any official comment as far I am aware.
There is a Whittlesey Town Council meeting this Wednesday – maybe the question will be asked? – There is a presentation by Mr Andrew Hodson from the Pegasus Group – See post above re agenda of WTC meeting for Wednesday 10th April.
Of course the get out clause being that councillors are not obliged to answer any questions made by the public during the public forum.

It is well time someone came clean on what the hold up is, what is the cause and how much more is the crossing going to cost (At todays costing).
I expect many more visitors to the article re CA minutes over the weekend.

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