More MVAS Arrive in Whittlesey – Why…!

Getting critisized for nearly everything I am involved in – I am used to it – it is very rare for anything complementary – but there we are –
so I have already had some negative feedback about the MVAS’s –

Motor Vehicle Activated Signs – which display/record speed.

To make it realy crystal clear – ‘we’ Councillors did not decide the exact location of these MVAS –
The public who are complaining about speeding on their road(s) have asked for something to be done.

Since the Police have very limited resources – like many area’s ‘we’ decided this may help, as the data can be downloaded and ‘if’ there is a speeding issue, the Council can put pressure on the Police to monitor.
Now the exact location is a joint decision with Cambs Highways/Balfour Beaty
(who own the lamposts)…..some will never be happy – but this is the best we can do.

An e-mail just received from a resident on Church Street – The MVAS erected near my house worked very well when a car flew past me and it flashed red for them to slow down.

There are other MVAS to be fitted – Ramsey Road/Stonald Road/Coates to name a few.
To repeat – this was an instigated because The Public asked for something to be done.

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