False News – Misinformation – Rumour

If’ I was given a pound everytime ‘Social Media’ get it wrong I would be a very rich man.
The latest my frineds who do ‘Social Media’ inform me is the misunderstanding of a press release by FDC leader Cllr Boden. The public on SM think that Whittlesey is getting 11,000 more houses – wrong that figure is for ‘Fenland’
Whittlesey has at present a ‘Planning Stock’ for the next 5 years, Fenland District Council are inviting landowners to express an interest in developing their land for the next 10/20 years.
As I reported earlier this week the field on Ramsey Road before the railway crossing has been ear-marked – ‘Of Interest’ and a local developer has already expressed their desire to build on this land.
The consultation is still ongoing regarding future land and will be looked at either December/January by FDC.
In the meantime as I have often said – Do not believe everything you read – especially on Social Media….

Below – ‘The Field’ – Ramsey Road on which there is interest to build 100+ Houses.
Grade 2 agricultural land.


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