KD X Update November 2020

A message from local member, Cllr David Connor:
Following on from Steve’s last update, the temporary access road on site, which will allow site traffic to access key locations to the west of the railway, is now complete which you can see in the picture on the right.

The excavation works to where the underpass will be built have been completed and preparation work for the construction of the railway bridge is underway – the picture on the left shows where the southern side of the bridge will be built.

Jones Bros are also importing material into section three of the scheme, which is north of the railway, this will be completed over the next two weeks and then efforts will be concentrated on constructing the embankment.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone for your comments and likes on these posts and after reading the last comment from Lorraine, I’m pleased to say our contractor, Jones Bros, has pulled together a pretty impressive time-lapse video of the work so far – you can watch it here: http://orlo.uk/jiauG

Finally, now we have entered a second national lockdown, I would like to reassure all residents that Jones Bros is fully complying with all UK Government guidance to ensure the safety of its workforce as well as the general public and work will continue.
Keep safe and well everyone.

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