Why? – Do Electors want my leaflet outside of St Mary’s South.

I have been asked by many people about my election promo, of course it has been delivered to those residents who live within the St Mary’s Ward South….
Maybe they are not too impressed with what they have received thus far from elsewhere.
I’ll post it – and urge everyone to use their vote this Thursday.
Naturally I would like the residents of St Mary’s South to vote for me.

Should I be successful I may be the only candidate ‘who’ will be able to hold The Council to account.

With more than usual ‘apathy’ and ‘discontent’ with National Politics – we all know why!
But local elections are about ‘local concerns and issues’ – I say – just look at MY track record. MY attending many, many meetings and reporting on this web-blog.
Just out of interest – Nearly ALL present councillors ‘promised’ to keep their electorate informed at the last elections –  Alas it never happened – the odd post on Facebook…and that’s the lot.
You will see and hear what happens here on this site – that’s why I regularly get 3,000 hits a day…..Just ‘click’ on the picture to enlarge, click a 2nd time to further enlarge.

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