Business Forum Meeting & Shop Closures

A well attended meeting last night with 18 members, with a presentation by Mr Gary Garfield a corporate director at FDC about Vision 2020 (Wisbech).
I’ve attended some of these presentations as far back as 2012 and to say progress has been somewhat slow – the plan now goes forward by 40 years! – Mr Garfield acknowledged that our closeness to Peterborough didn’t really impact any of the benefits of the 2020 plan for Wisbech. The latest is to build in the region of 8 – 10,000 new houses.

A variety of other topics were aired at the meeting, including another sponsored walk that will now probably take place in September – more information when confirmed.




My thanks to PD for informing me of several other shops/businesses that have recently closed – the much publicised ‘Subway’ not paying their staff wages featured in the Peterborough Telegraph©, so besides as reported yesterday – ‘Antidote’ closing, the Eastern European/Polish shop ‘Felix’ closed a few weeks ago.

Looks very much like Whittlesey is suffering a bit, with these latest small businesses.

‘Wrights’ having been closed for several months along with the Ex ‘RSPCA’ shop.

Maybe there are other factors affecting our area which ‘we’ are not fully aware of.

Hopefully some of these vacant businesses will be occupied again in the near future.

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