Report on the WTC Meeting Wednesday 11th April 2019 Part I

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Purdah: It is important to note that pre-election rules restrict activity wider than just publicity. Use of council facilities and resources; the member’s code of conduct, developing new policies and holding of events – including some meetings – featuring elected officials should all be carefully considered during a period of heightened sensitivity.

The term ‘purdah’ has come into popular use across central and local government to describe the period of time immediately before elections or referendums when specific restrictions on communications activity are in place. The terms ‘pre-election period’ and ‘heightened sensitivity’ are also used.

The agenda for evenings meeting was published on this web-blog 05th April scroll down.

8 members of the public, missing was several ‘new’ candidates standing at May 02nd election including my opponent Mrs Webb – who as far as I am aware has never attended any WTC meetings ever….

3 councillors given apologies, Curtis, Whitwell, and Laws – none apology as per usual Garratt.

Condolences to Mrs D Laws – who’s partner Robert passed away earlier this week.


Main Items reported only….

A presentation by Mr Andrew Hodson – Pegasus Group, acting on behalf of developer of land adjacent and around the ‘new’ Kings Dyke crossing, indicated that, planning and development of the land would include industrial, commercial, offices and possibly a hotel.
The ‘thrust’ of the development was to create employment opportunities.
Kings Dyke CrossingThe Bridge – Cllr Boden made a ‘personal statement’ (under purdah rules – above) and this was not an official statement from any Council.
“The first phase of the development – the clearing of the land is complete and the contractor ‘Kier’ has fulfilled their contract and have been paid.
The second phase to build the road/bridge is now open to tender and it is hoped that this process will be completed by July.
There are commercial negotiations going on which are confidential and there can not be a ‘running commentary’ whilst this is happening.

Public Forum: SR made comments that Whittlesey enjoys new white and yellow lining around the town.
The state of the port-a-loo at Kings Delph was raised.

Police & CCTV Reports: The monthly Police report issued by Sgt Lugg is distributed to councillors and members of NHW.
The CCTV report will follow in part II

Finances: Cllr Dorling gave the year end figures and accounts. There was approximately 92% spent in the 2018-19 year, an underspend (around £7,600) which was proposed carried over to the ‘Reserve Fund’

Other business:
Whittlesey Railway Station:
Cllr Bristow stated that Greater Anglia were still committed to an hourly service to Peterborough – but this will not be happening 2019.

He also stated that he believed there would be improvements to the station including car parking taking place this year.
Speed Monitoring: Taking place on the A605 in both Coates and Eastrea, the devices can be moved and will be placed in other roads within the area.
Vandalism: Several reports around the New Road/Latersey area including the allotments.
New Council Building: The latest costings were discussed and it is envisaged that the total cost including refurbishment could be around £600,000
The project maybe subject some VAT – however consultants maybe engaged to mitigate some of part of the VAT at a cost of £1,900 + VAT!
Whittlesey Mud Walls:
As per discussion at the last planning meeting, it was proposed that ALL the Mud Walls within the area be given listings.

Date of the next meeting: Which will be the annual parish meeting and that of the new council.

I am Roy Gerstner.
I am standing for election as a ward councillor for St Mary’s Ward South as ‘Independent’ at this May 02nd election.

My publicity material has been delivered to the electorate in the ward of St Mary’s South.

As you may be aware – I attend most meetings of both WTC monthly and planning meetings.

I am the only member of the public to report on Whittlesey Town Council meetings and business. I do not hide behind anonymity – I am accountable for this Web-blog.

I report as I see and hear – there maybe the odd mistake and I am grateful to be corrected in this case.
You can see my contact details on the top toolbar
©Roy Gerstner

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