NQS PPG Meeting

12 members of the Patients Participation Group met at the New Queen Street Surgery.
2 senior members of the admin staff were in attendance.
An update on the amalgamation of New Queen Street into the Lakeside Group is almost certain to take place, the process is in the final negotiations.
How or if this impacts on patients services we were no told .
The timing is sometime after July this year.
I again, brought up the concerns of ‘some’ patients having problems and issues concerning the ‘telephone’ booking system many are not ‘happy’ with it.
Again it was explained why the system was trialled and introduced – the very large increase in population registering at NQS – I will continue to monitor the situation.
I have been fortunate that neither my wife or I have not used the ‘new’ system.
I also asked about the ambiguity around Blood Test results – when results come back as ‘clear’ but the symptom the patient has still exists patient told no further action required.
The PPG will support the patients awareness week – running from 10th to 15th June.

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