The Funny World of Local Politics? – Updated

Thought I would update on a quote made by a councillor at last Wednesdays Planning Meeting – This is not a ‘bash’ but their introduction to a planning application.

“If we councillors pass this application – we ALL want shooting”

What happened – The application was approved/passed!!!!

So we now have the list of candidates published.
Those conservative councillors who are automatically elected is NO fault of theirs it is because NO one was prepared to stand – NONE of the ‘Keyboard Warriors’ who for the past 4 years having a go….on social media.
Now I well accept and understand – it is not everyone’s passion, but when there are wards with several thousand electorate and NOT one is prepared to make a stand.
Well I am – I’ve been here before, won, lost, happy and some times disappointed, but hey that’s the ruff and tumble of ‘local politics’
Close on 10 years I’ve run my ‘Community Activist’ website, not all politics and much information and local news – always up to date.
I do have an opponent in the St Mary’s Ward South.

I don’t know the lady in question, and she doesn’t live in the ward, my campaign hopefully is a positive one – I am not here to ‘bash’ the opposition – I am here to promote what I have been doing for the last 10+ years….so to my (Now many) readers, I hope not to bore you too much over the next 4 weeks, but my campaign started in May 2015 when I lost my seat by a few 29 votes.
Here is an article written by Mr John Ellworthy November 12th 2010 © Cambs Times.
Take 5 minutes and ask whether ‘anything’ has changed – other than councillors allowances….

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