Dog Scam In Whittlesey

The following was put out on social media – this is for those who are not connected…
Message Dated Wednesday 04th July


(Please will some of you very kindly ‘share’ this post on your own pages & all local pages in Whittlesey)

Yesterday a friend of mine got chatting to two young lads who were walking a very cute looking, tan coloured Pomeranian dog (see pic of similar looking dog below) who were walking around Whittlesey town centre, including Causeway Mews (as they’d just purchased a kebab from Rambo’s) and the Co-op Car Park. These lads offered to sell a Pomeranian puppy to my friend & arranged to meet my friend in the Co-op Car Park later in the day and asked her to pay £300 cash for the dog – he then ran off with her money and didn’t produce the dog!!

My friend is a widowed Pensioner and is extremely upset about what has happened to her and is also concerned about the dog’s welfare as we think it may be the case that these young lads didn’t even perhaps own this dog?!

If anyone can remember seeing this dog or the two young lads walking around with it, knows who the dog belongs to or knows of anyone who may be able to help catch this pond life criminal(s), please will you very kindly (and urgently) CONTACT JULIA on 07709 749746 or 01733 840451.

Also, please do any of you know who to contact regarding CCTV footage in the town centre and around the Co-op car parks? Please help!
Thank you.

Robin Sutton Secretary of Whittlesey NHW has followed this up with the originator of the message.

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