More Clean Air – Wanted

Further to Whittlesey resident Peter Baxters campaign to getting better ‘monitoring’ of pollutants along the A605 –
Yesterday ‘The Green Party’s – Jenny Jones said

I was delighted to launch my new Clean Air Bill today. If it passes through Parliament, it will be great news for us all: it will make clean air a human right in law.
Today is also the 62nd anniversary of the Clean Air Act – the Act that helped tackle the smog and smoke suffocating our cities. But air pollution nowadays is different. It’s an invisible killer mainly emitted by fossil fuel-powered transport. This is why we need a new Clean Air Act that’s fit for the 21st century.

The government has been taken to court three times in the last three years because their clean air strategy is so weak it’s illegal. These failed legal battles have cost taxpayers £500,000. We must step up the fight! It makes me feel truly sickened to think how the health of so many people, young and old, is being irreversibly harmed by the toxic air they have no choice but to breathe. Only this week, the BBC reported that a 9 year old girl’s fatal asthma attack has been linked to illegally high levels of air pollution.

Tabling my Clean Air Bill today has given me hope that we can create a country that we can breathe in.
It may not seem that important to most people who live in/around Whittlesey – but there are those who are very concerned about air pollution.
If you wish to know more I can pass your details onto Peter Baxter.

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