What’s Happening @ The Library….

We have visually impaired residents, double buggy prams, mobility scooters all ‘trying to use the path besides the Library.
The scaffolding has been in situ for at least 6 weeks if not more….it was put there for safety reasons to install 6 new double glazed windows, the windows have been installed so ‘why’ is the scaffolding still in place.
I hope the ratepayer is not paying a daily charge for this scaffolding which is now a hindrance to those I mentioned.
6+ weeks to install 6 windows…..it is unbelievable.

CAB – Citizen’s Advice Bureau comes to Whittlesey most Friday mornings, Whittlesey Town Council contributes several Thousand £ every year to support this service, which is invaluable to our residents and I fully support 100%. However it has come to my attention, that residents from March and Chatteris are using ‘our’ service – If there are only 5 slots available, and some of these are taken up by people from outside our area, then ‘if’ someone from the Whittlesey area wants an appointment they maybe all gone.

This is NOT a fault of the CAB – Maybe WTC should be asking for a contribution from March and Chatteris Town Councils!
I am a member of the Rural CAB and I will be asking questions.

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