Sunday Therapy – Maybe…!

160619-01AThe weather being British/English or European depending how you will be voting this Thursday….It has been a couple of days since I was out and about on my Litter Picking campaign….I have a usual route and behold – – I always do the Bower Tow Path, some low life (again) overdosed on ‘Coke’ – I mean Coca Cola…as photo shows, pleased to say no alcohol picked up today.
160619-02AAfter a quick ‘libation’ at the Manor Bowls I continued down Station Road – to find Fenlands ‘Purple Wagon’  a ‘Fairly New’ Truck/Van for our excellent Street Cleaners.
Maybe FDC are looking at £40 a year Brown Bin ‘Tax’ to fund their ‘New’ Purple Trucks!
Low and behold – ‘Lilly’ the Street Operative is cleaning like crazy at the Skate Park – which those who use it had left in its usual state….I collect rubbish for a hobby and like to see Whittlesey/Villages clean and tidy (The best we can do) – I would find it depressing to have to go to the Manor Field day on day to find the same amount of rubbish….maybe the experiment done by other councils – leave it for a couple of weeks and let the public see how much is really left in an area.

More on the Brown Bin ‘Tax’  tomorrow….

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