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240L-BrownAccording to ‘The Cambs Times’© The council (FDC) is consulting on proposals that will come in next year.
Sorry the way I read this – is that a decision has already been made – then we (FDC) will spend £10,000 for them to consult us on a decision!!!! – of course FDC councillors will say that NO decision has yet been made, so why was this agenda not on every councillors manifesto ‘promises’ when ‘they’ were elected last year. The FDC Cabinet ‘decided’ they would no longer pay the £700,000 cost of running “the free service”
So again – the ‘decision’ has already been made – so I repeat ‘why’ spend £10,000 on a consultation.
It (Cambs Times©) states that half the local councils have agreed or proposed a similar scheme.

Whilst I am not totally opposed to this scheme there remains many questions – which I know will NOT be answered…. This is a ‘Tax’ by the council, most of the Council Tax Paying electorate think/me included that our Council Tax included emptying our bins, Nothing from a Council is FREE – someone (You and Me) has to pay for services.

Mark Mathews of FDC (Head of environmental services) said ‘the three-bin system’ waste collection service provided by the council since 2006 included ‘free’ collection of garden waste.

You and I know – I am NOT that dim – that it will be £40 next year and can only go one way afterwards – upwards.

I repeat my argument – None of this ‘cost’ saving/revenue producing agenda was spoken or written about on any prospective/elected councillors manifesto prior to the 2015 local elections.

There is an excellent 5 minute read from Cllr Darren Fower (Lib Dem) on his blog written 24th April 2016 about Peterborough imposing the ‘Brown Bin Tax’

Darren Fower Brown Bin Tax Peterborough

Finally – of course we ‘we’ have a ‘choice’ you/me/we can decided not to have a ‘Brown Bin’ and save ourselves £40 – that’s what FDC call democracy?

You can view how the Peterborough scheme works by: Click here


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