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Firstly – Thank You – on Friday this web/blog received 1,414 ‘hits’, over the last few weeks, Web Trafficon several occasions, the ‘hit counter’ has exceeded 1,000 in a 24 hour period – I am very humbled that the site is slightly popular.
Nice to have (2) Monthly magazines delivered to our door – but the ‘News’ is somewhat ‘old’ by the time most people receive them.

I see on our ‘other’ popular websites/social media – some people are wanting a change in Council/Councillors!!!! -Hello – Wakey Wakey – Whittlesey/Fenland has ‘just’ had an election in May 2015 – there is NOT another planned election for another 3 years….Will any of the Social Media crowd be standing then – I would hope so, I could do with some help, more than one Whittlesey Ward was uncontested in the last elections – meaning the candidate who stood – was automatically elected – is that good democracy NO – and NO it is not the fault of the candidate – but that of the electorate for allowing this to happen.
Failed/Lost as I may have done I respect the voice of the electorate – and at least where I stood the electorate had a choice.

Very-last-420Secondly – This week is National Neighbourhood Watch Week – where the National Association will be promoting NHW.
Here in Whittlesey we have a small but robust group (Being a better Neighbour)
The group reformed around 6/7 years ago and I have been Chairman for 5 years.

It costs – nothing
Time – Very Little
Meetings – 4 times a year – attend or not – not mandatory
Get News – Crime and News Updates from Fenland/Cambs Police.
How to register –  2 minutes go to Ourwatch UK
Own Website with ALL the latest information Whittlesey NHW Website

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th June at 7:00pm (AGM)
Venue Whittlesey Town Council Offices – Grosvenor Road
(Towards the Co-Op)

Side entrance up the stairs. (There is a Stair Lift)

NHW Week Link

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