House Insurance in Whittlesey !!!!!

I posted about this around 3 years ago, when all of a sudden the ‘quote’ for my bungalow more than doubled, it was the same on comparison websites.
I eventually got a quote for around 50% more than we had been paying for the same cover.
All agents and companies I contacted told me the same – the area/postcode had become a ‘Bigger Flood Risk’.
Now my neighbours are catching up, they also now have had some stinging quotes all with the same reasons.
What I don’t understand – and please I would like to hear from anyone – if Planners and Councils are ‘allowing’ permission to build hundreds of houses next to a ‘Flood Plane’ with advise from the environment agency that the area is only ‘likely’ to flood once in a hundred years – why are ‘Insurance Companies’ being so ‘nervous’ about the ‘risk’
Please if you have had issues and/or extremely high quotations, get in contact with me, I need to know your Street Name and Post Code.
Like many other things happening at present I doubt very much if ‘we’ can do anything about it. Maybe the Insurance Companies are using  different criteria/data than FDC.
e-mail me at Clix Here

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