Hard work behind the scenes…..

160610-09AAs I have said many times – and will always give credit where it is due – there are ‘some’ Councillors working hard behind the scenes – when the public and others are not aware.
Today I had a meeting with Cllr Julie Windle – who is the Town Councillor for St Marys Ward. My main ‘issue’ is the for-ever on-going issue/problem with FDC’s contractors and the small estate I live on, I have had support on this from Cllr Kay Mayor as well.
One of the other issues is/was the very poor state of the ‘Bower Towpath’ – Cllr Windle has been on the case for sometime and received communication from FDC that the area would be tended too by today Friday – Yes by 16:00 this afternoon the situation is much better –
160610-07AAt least now people can pass either side of each other and we are not stuck with one way traffic…..Tomorrow weather permitting the 5 benches along the Towpath with be addressed.
So – nothing with FDC goes particularly quickly (As with my previous post – The toilet)..
But with enough lobbying and hacking away – some results are achievable….

We shall see what sort of result ‘we’ get at Ashline Grove.
Again on behalf of the residents of Ashline thanks to Cllrs Mayor and Windle….
Got a problem contact your Councillor No result keep on at them….

160610-10A     160610-01A
They even cleaned up most of the grass at the end…..why can’t this be done everywhere!!!!

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