At last – Toilet Fixed – Sort Of…Temporary

So after more than  6 months out of action/service 1 of the 3 toilets + (+1 Disabled), is now back in ‘Action’…..I have raised this ‘issue’ many many times with Councillors, who being fair have also tried in vain for months to get it sorted…. At last Wednesdays Council Meeting Cllr Laws did state that FDC were now looking at a temporary fix…ready for the various events that are taking place on the Market Square this summer.
I did “Question” – would Wisbech or March have to put up with a toilet out of action for so long….No comment….

I think I can now publish photograph of the damage – some low life decided to have a small fire within the toilet….

Toilet On FireToilet Still OUT OF ORDER    Toilet In ORDER

Fire Damaged Toilet             More than 6 months out     All Green Lights –
No damage to the ‘Bowl’      of action                                  Ready to Go. 10th June 16

Lets hope that the low life leave out toilets, gardens, plants and flowers alone…..

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