Another Very Good Result – More Volunteer Time…+

Organised by Cllr Julie Windle, with invitations to the other 13 WTC Councillors, (2 at the surgery) – None of the others turned up! – A few from another group + 4 Community Payback Boys and their Supervisor (Mick Barry) and myself about 12 in total.
Rubbed down and primed/undercoated the 5 seating/benches along the Bower/Towpath this morning – all H&S complied with. Swept and cleaned the weeds around the benches.

160611-02AI then went off on my therapeutic litter picking campaign and found the usual good full bag of everything that ‘Low Life’ can not take home or put in the bin.
Found plenty of ‘Doggie stuff as well – I thought things were getting better but alas of recent it has started to come back again…


Bench 3 Bower  160611-06A  160611-03A
The before look…                          Cllr Julie Windle                 The Community Payback Team
160611-07A  160611-04A  160611-01A
Alan Hobbs                                    The Primed look               Nearly finished

Later this afternoon just 4 of us completed the top ‘Royal Blue’ gloss coat….
Myself, Cllr Julie Windle, Alan Hobbs and David Palmer.

160611-08A  160611-09A
David Palmer                                                       DP, JW & AH – I took the picture….

So the only graffiti artist I am inviting are Mr Banksy he is very welcome to add value to the benches….

Roy G 01

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