Fenland/Whittlesey/Cambs Goes into Tier 4

I suppose it was going to happen with the very increasing numbers ‘catching’ the Virus, and admissions to hospitals on the increase…..there is I am sorry to say only one reason this has happened nationwide – people – who have either not been careful or not followed the rules / restrictions – I know someone will disagree – so be it.
All of Cambridgeshire is to move into the highest tier of England’s Covid restrictions, joining Peterborough which is already in tier four.

The areas currently in tier two will move to tier four – stay at home alert – from 00:01 GMT on 26 December, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced.

In tier four, people cannot travel in or out of the area and all non-essential retail must close.

Mr Hancock said the changes were “necessary to control the virus”.

Source BBC….


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