More & More Parking Concerns – Everywhere..

I know we are living in ‘exceptional times’ but that is no excuse for the for-ever ongoing issues on bad/illegal/inconsiderate parking all over Fenland.
We were ‘promised’ by WTC/FDC/CCC Cllr Boden that this was going to be addressed some 18 months ago….what have we heard – nothing…well I will ask him what the latest is….
In the meantime.
There is a 7.5 tonne weight limit in town…exception deliveries.

I have been informed there is a ‘FB®’ page dedicated to bad/illegal parking in Whittlesey…
It has a somewhat derogatory name/title (typical maybe of some FB™ people) so I’ll just put in the link without naming it…. (make your own mind up…)   Click Here

This morning….

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