Virtual Meeting With Police & Crime Commissioner

The agenda was published earlier.
Also present was sector Inspector (Fenland) Lombardo and Neighbourhood Sergeant Lugg.
I was one of only a very few Councillors within Fenland who attended this first virtual meeting.

Therefore I was given plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the Inspector….
The main one being ‘enforcement of Covid-19’ related issues…..The Inspector stated that there is a nationwide policy from the Police so that there is consistency throughout the country…..I stated that Covid was a ‘killer’ and that there is a smallish element of people who discard and disrespect any rules or restrictions, again the Inspector quoted the national guidelines…however enforcement would be carried out if deemed appropriate.

The amount of money being scammed from people within Cambridgesghire is quite frightening…£7,0000,000 this year alone.

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