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I have just received a report of an attempted scam, in which the caller was pretending to be a Police Sergeant within Cambridgeshire Police.

Below is an overview from the report itself, fortunately no money was lost in this instance.

Please remember, Cambridgeshire Police or any police service or bank will not call you and ask you to read out your bank card details or provide your bank account information. This and variations thereof are a scam.


Just because the caller knows your name or some other information, this does not make them genuine. Criminals steal data and use it to appear genuine.

For further information on courier fraud visit:

This is to report a telephone call which has disturbed me.

At #### today someone rang me on my landline. The number he rang from was withheld.  He checked my name and my address and then said he was ringing from Cambridgeshire Police.  When pressed he said his name was Sergeant Smith.

What he said was that at 09:00 am this morning, Cambridgeshire Police had arrested a Sharon Saunders who was using a visa debit card in my name. 

Feeling severe doubt, I said I’d check my purse. An action which seemed to me to be risk free, so I did and told him all my cards were present and correct.  At which point he said, “What colour is that card?”.
I made disbelieving noises, at which point he abruptly ended the call.


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