FDC Full Council Meeting Thursday 20th Feb

Related paperwork/agenda’s – Q&A’s to this meeting may be found by following this link.


FDC -Agenda frontsheet 20022020 1600 Council

You will need to spend ‘some’ time to absorb all the information –
Want know what’s happening at FDC I suggest you have a read.

Lots and lots of reports (Some extremely good news in many areas +++ & Some no so..)

Since 2010, we have made savings of
£9.9million, and must make a further £1.651million between 2020/21 and 2023/24

I suppose most are interested in Council Tax – see below the figures and proposals….
(This is on the agenda to be debated – and voted on at the meeting)

FDC 2020-21 Council Tax Resolution.

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