More Pressure On Our Already Overloaded Road System – More to Come

With The North Bank closed again  – The now planned work on the Junction of the A605 & Milk & Water Drove for future work on building a slip road to ease the congestion around Park Farm/Cardia/Stanground….

The closure is expect to begin on Monday 17th February and ‘could’ last up to 4 weeks.
After communicating your concerns to Peterborough Highways Department, it has been agrred that the A605 Whittlesey Road will NOT have any traffic lights installed during these works.
Please share with those you feel might benifit from knowing.
Cllr Chris Harper.
Peterborough Stanground South

CG writes. Massive problems getting out of Whittlesey this morning with the Milk and Water closure and North Bank closure. There are roadworks for a new housing development between Whittlesey and Kings Dyke causing one mile plus tailbacks in rush hour and as people are pointing out on FB absolutely no work has been going on in these roadworks all weekend and again this morning. I have rung Cambs CC this morning and they directed me to PCC.
I have rung PCC roadworks and I just get an answerphone. Is there somebody you can ask to speak to the housing development team urgently to see if these roadworks can be suspended during rush hour to help everybody trying to get in up the only road that’s open.
Thank you.

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