Parking Debate – Again

So I hear that the ‘Parking Issues’ have kicked off again on social media.
Unfortunately the comments are missing the point of getting others peoples idea’s and comments, but what we have is the ‘usual’ ‘Trolling’ of individuals and in some cases Councillors.

As I’ve commented on many times, peoples memories are very short, at the May Elections, Literature from some Whittlesey Candidates (who are now elected) made several bold statements (promises) about Parking in our town.

I want debate, I want peoples views, I want peoples idea’s on how to reasonably tackle the issues and concerns around parking in our town – I am not interested in the ‘Trolls’ with no understanding of how parking is enforced here in Fenland.

Below is the article I placed on this Web-Blog for The Whittlesey Business Forum in Novemeber 2018 – The WBF discussed this at their January meeting and made no commitment as to how it might effect their businesses.

Look at some of the alternatives in my article – give me/us some more idea’s –
The Parking problems/issues are not going away and will only get worse.

Simples – Don’t Park Illegally – and you won’t get a ticket.

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Parking Enforcement Fenland
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