Social Media Trolls at it Again

I just don’t get it….how many times must I/we inform the public that Whittlesey Town Councillors DO NOT get ANY allowances or expenses under normal circumstances.

The elected Mayor gets an allowance to cover the costs of attending civic functions.
For most of the rest of us – it actually costs most us money to be a Town Councillor.
We all do it because we want too and not for any other reasons.
I say again just in case the misinformed can not comprehend.
I speak for myself:
I have never been offered any bribe, inducement, brown envelope or a holiday in the Caribbean – Ever – I can not comment on anyone else, but I would be very surprised if any other Whittlesey Town Councillor was offered anything.
I hope this spells it out once again in plain English….so please stop it.

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