Jason Ablewhite PCC on BBC Cambs….

On BBC Radio Cambridgeshire yesterday, the Police & Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite was interviewed about latest updates in Cambs Policing.
The unfortunate incident today brings home the challenges that the police have to face.
I make no excuses – as I meet with the Police both locally and at Police HQ on a regular basis, and hear first hand from those on the front line of their issues.
For instance, a whole shift for 2 officers can occur when someone with ‘mental health issues’ goes missing or are a danger to themselves.
PCC Ablewhite brought this up on his interview, that it is not the polices responsibility but seem to have been lumbered with it.
Fenland Police are looking for ‘missing children’ almost daily – this takes a lot of man-power.

There has been an increase in Police numbers, as ‘we’ offered to pay more on our ‘precept’ for this year. Our neighbourhood team has seen an increase.
For those on social media – who claim that crime has increased since our Police Station closed – sorry the official figures do not show that trend – and I was one of the few who ‘lobbied’ very hard to keep the station open and operational.

The Police can not be everywhere at the same time, it is slightly reassuring that ‘someone’ has been arrested on suspicion of robbery – lets hope they got the right suspect.
It is also very reassuring that the public were on hand to help and assist this poor lady – well done.

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