A Bit ‘Rich’ for Cambs Leader to hand back part of his Allowance

It might seem a gesture of some sort that County Cllr & Leader of Cambs CC Mr Steve Count is ‘handing back’ a very small part of his ‘generous’ allowance, as a gesture of unity for those 1,800 staff earning over £25K working for the County Council to take 3 days unpaid leave at Christmas to ‘save money’

The ‘rich bit’ Cllr Count is that last year councillors voted to give themselves a hefty 30% rise and payments for ‘special responsibilities’ also rose to a level in excess of the council’s own independent remuneration panel’s recommendations.

But Cllr Count believes that argument is long gone and it is the present situation facing the council that matters.

Sorry Cllr Count I for one do not believe the argument is long gone and I will make sure the electorate remember it.
It is as bad as the Mayor for the Combined Authority saying ‘people’ are not bothered about him paying off his deputy recently and to top it took £11,000 of legal advice.

Do these ‘Councillors’ realise where this money is coming from – you and me – the tax and rate payer – it is high time they were made more accountable.

I’ve quoted this before – I believe that ALL Councillors should be treated fairly in respect of compensation. The problem is that when ‘independent review bodies’ make recommendations – Our Leaders seem not to take any notice what-so-ever – so what’s new…..

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