Yes It Will – Yes Well Yes and Yes Again

Kings Dyke Crossing, not much of an update, but possibly – an ‘indication’ of the costs of the project will come to councillors on Thursday or Friday of this week…. we wait to hear the eye watering increase in costs.
Delays is the word of the day again, considering this latest version kicked off in 2013 – 5 years ago and not a sod turned over as yet.
However did I hear correctly some of our councillors talking – that they had been at a meeting with James Palmer the Mayor of the combined authority.
They quoted him as ‘Yes It Will Happen’ – I presume they heard correctly that he was referring to the KD Bridge Project…..lets hope so….

James Palmer is a politician and the first Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, elected as the Conservative candidate on May 4, 2017. As a former councillor, he was previously leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council between May 2013 and May 2017.

Visit Website :- Click Here
His ‘Blog/Website’ is not very active the last entry being February 2018 – so much for keeping us updated…..!!!

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