WTC Meeting Wednesday 11th September 2018 Part II

See documents regarding Environment/Street Scene Reports.

I have seen ‘Kingdom Officers’ in Whittlesey twice in the last two weeks, these ‘officers’ are contracted by Fenland District Council to carry out enforcement regarding Litter/Spitting etc.
It was somewhat alarming that they ‘asked me’ where the best places to go too – for catching people !!! – …..No disrespect – but one of the so called officers had just come out of his shorts and hadn’t a clue……?
Needless to say, statistics in Whittlesey are pretty dire – giving the very false impression that we do not suffer from these anti-social behaviours.
It’s just that Wisbech especially has a much bigger problem.
FYI – Kingdom inform me that their ‘officers’ are not on a commission base/wage – so no is the answer to catching more means more ‘bonus’ for the ‘officers.







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