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Plenty of meetings and events that I’ve been too, been out and about on my Litter Picking campaign (Therapy) and the usual incoming messages about contentious concerns here in our town.
So lets start with the Kings Dyke Crossing….after receiving some more potential toxic news, I gave Country Councillor David Connor a call, and got his answer machine.
An hour later David called me back from Ionia whilst on his holidays, the answer to my questions were….
1/ The signing of contracts for the various parcels of land has yet to be completed, it is his understanding that this is to happen imminently – (same as before).
2/ The reports of water contamination at Churchfield Farm he was/is unaware of.
So that’s it – the delay is getting started seems to be longer and longer…..I can quote a qualified Whittlesey Estate Agent & Surveyor who 2+ years ago, advised Whittlesey Town Council, that the land should be ‘compulsory purchased’ – had anyone taken his advice, the building of the bridge may well have finished by now – but do councils listen to anyone!!!

It has been ‘silly season’ in respect of road signage not only around March but here in Whittlesey….Where I asked where are all the diversion signs leading too – the answer if you followed them is back to where you started….Signs blocking pavements, signs blocking driver view of the road ahead, signs falling over both in the road and pavements and no one bothered as usual.




County Council not interested, blame the contractors, dozens of signs every year not collected ending up in verges or by the road side – been here before that it is us the ratepayer who ultimately pays the price for incompetence.

On Monday I will be attending the New Queen Street Surgery PPG (Patients Participation Group) and on the agenda will be the ‘new’ system of only telephone booking of appointments…..I have had some feed back from my neighbours (I have not yet had to use the new system) and await to hear an update at the meeting…and will post afterwards of what I hear…

Here is a not so lucky car today on Church Street…opposite Barr Street

Also coming next week, fantastic work done by The Whittlesey Mud Walls Group’
The publishing of their document of The Mud Walls of Whittlesey.

The MacMillan Truck was on the Market Square on Saturday – alas not many people around to see what good work they do…..

Hope you all have a good week….

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