Highways Up To Their Usual Tricks….

Confusion is an understatement – Various places around Whittlesey with ‘Diversion’ signage – all leading nowhere….
Looked on the lauded WTC Website and no information there about road closures or diversions…. Am I surprised NO…. If the council are not told they can not tell us the public….
This was a clever sign last Friday on Church Street – blocking the pavement thank you.
Whilst I was trying to negotiate around the sign, 3 young lads came along and moved to sign – where I don’t know and I don’t care – it is NO more there and I didn’t touch it….








Beside the conflicting signage one side of the road to the other, here the on the left, the ‘highways or their contractors have blocked the view forward and now have to inch out in order to see around the sign…..
It makes me wonder ‘who’ is doing this work….
Maybe the 3 young lads I met on Friday have the solution…..

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