WTC – Councillors Attendance

I’ve been asked to clarify and give a better quality images of what I posted yesterday.
Councils have to publish records of Councillors attendance at official meetings.
In the case of Whittlesey Town Council these statistics became available on Tuesday.
To clarify the rules – if a Councillor misses 6 months of meetings without an excuse (illness for example) they declare themselves barred from office.
In the case of Whittlesey Councillor Steve Garrett although he has missed more than 6 months of ‘Full Council meetings’ he has attended ‘1’ meeting in February 2018
I still maintain this is an extremely poor attendance for a Councillor – and is an insult to the electorate he represents, going to meetings is a core requirement for Councillors, not only to make representations but to hear and listen to other issues.
When members of the public have attended more Council meetings than Councillors themselves is a very poor show indeed.
By the way – congratulations to those Councillors who attended 100% of their meetings…..
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