So do YOU really think YOU will not be Scammed

‘Think’ I am pretty up to speed, being an electronics engineer who’s hobbies include web & website building, software and coding. ‘I’ receive on average 2 scam mails a week, even though my web provider filters most out before they get to me.
My antivirus, antimalware, and firewalls still these blighters get through.
These of course are the clever sophisticated ones – fortunately ‘I’ have never been ‘scammed’ or fell for the clever ones.
I’ve said before – there is ‘someone’ in Whittlesey who are scammed every day, be it door-to-door, be it telephone or be it web based.
Most of these people are too ashamed to admit they have fallen to the criminal and do not report the fact they have been robbed.
Here from yesterdays Scam Awareness session is a very good resource:
Available from Whittlesey Library / Learning Centre / Community Hub
The 47 page booklet (Free of charge) doesn’t contain ALL the answers but will equip most people with 99% of the information they need to be aware of.

You can also obtain copies by telephoning Cambs Community Protection Team on: 0345 045 5200


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