Oh Dear – Success Didn’t Last Long…

After ‘years’ of lobbying and campaigning to get ‘parking issues/concerns’ sorted out along Ramsey Road/Church Street…(there was a public meeting – result !!!!).
Only last night Cllr David Mason was so ‘Happy’ that the ‘Double Yellow’ lines outside ‘Park House’ – Church Street was at last in place, I reminded David that he can not take all the credit for this – but he has been on the case for some 2 years.
So in just over a week, we are now back to where we started, several informing me – that some are parking on these newly instated ‘Double Yellows’.
They were placed so that traffic does not have to overtake these vehicles and then meet traffic/HGV’s/Buses on the ‘Blind Corner’ by the Letter ‘B’ Public House.
We’ve had a week when the road was clear – and what a difference it made.
Yes I have contacted my councillors and yes I have informed the Police – and will continue doing so.


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