Problem with A605 – Complain to Your Councillor

B1040 Closure..
Horrendous is an under-statement – but there is not a lot that can be done.
We came back from Peterborough on Tuesday evening and it took over 1½ hours to get from Amazon Round-About back into Whittlesey.
I’ve got a shed load of people phoning me up! asking me what’s going on – why not phone your councillor… they might have information that I don’t have.
There is nothing ‘new’ with the issues…. and it’s probably going to get worse.
Now I am told at long last Cambs CC contractors are –  re-instating the Gating along the B1040 out of Whittlesey/Dog-In-The-Doublet…. bit late in the day – again.
I and others will ask if the installation this time is any better than before – ie theft and vandal resistant.
Why is it no one is being held to account – plenty of excuses as usual – sorry not good enough.

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