Sorry and It’s Goodbye Terry

Most people in Whittlesey with not know Terry Jordan, I have known Terry for well over 10 years.
Terry has been employed by various councils within Fenland, and has been clerk to Manea Parish Council.

The excitement at Manea  makes our Town Council meetings somewhat mundane – that said I agree with Terry 100% that the public forum should be for either informing councillors of ‘things’ they may not be aware of – or asking questions of the council,
(Not always getting an answer is the norm – but write a letter or e-mail instead then)

Manea Parish Council clerk resigns over public’s poor behaviour at meetings and says ‘I’ve had enough’.

Mr Jordan told the Citizen© meeting of Manea council have become increasingly bad tempered over the past few months and he said: “I’m simply tired of all the nonsense as meetings which have become consistently confrontational with certain members of the public who appear to have no respect and simply chip in and make comments on decisions the council makes that goes against their opinion.
He said the 15 minute public forum at the start of meetings is open to residents to raise issues they feel need addressing by the council. But instead people are turning up and using it to have a go at councillors

See the full story Fenland Citizen

Terry is also the Town Clerk to Wisbech Town Council

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