More Happiness….Council Tax Bill – I Wish

You will have all had your Council Tax Bill for 2018/19 – I suppose ‘we’ should be grateful for some of the ‘small’ increases. Yes the Police & Crime Precept has increased by 6.4% but the Commissioner did put out to consultation the proposed increase which was well subscribed to the increase.
Give kudos to WTC – Cllr Dorling and his team at The Finance and Policy committee ‘appear’ to have well stabilised local finances with a small buffer now for emergencies.
My gripe is with the County Council part of the bill.

The ever ‘smug’ Steve Count who is good at excuses and who made the lead on giving ALL our County Councillors at ‘massive’ increase in their allowances – which we are now paying for.

In February Councillors voted 34 to 23 in favour of adding 2.99 per cent to its share of residents’ council tax bills together with a further two per cent Adult Social Care precept – which sees the average Band D property having to pay £59.30 a year more.

With the ‘ever’ on going delays in the starting of the Kings Dyke Bridge crossing, there was already a shortfall in funding (No one quite knows how much £Millions) – I wouldn’t be surprised that when the contractors finalise their plans and costing it will be someway off the original estimates.
Someone will end up paying for this – and it will be the Ratepayer – nice to have the rest of the Cambridgeshire residents fund ‘our’ bridge’ and its potential overspend.
I wonder what excuses Cllr Count might have next time around.

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