Neighbourhood Policing – Ha –

It would have been very nice and engaging if our (For-ever changing) Sector Inspector had made ‘some’ contact with us in Whittlesey – alas I’ve heard absolutely nothing….
See below his so called engagement with ‘Wisbech’.

Neighbourhood Policing message from Inspector Lombardo

Posted: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:55 by Susanah Farmer – Wisbech Town Council©

I would like to introduce myself as the new inspector in charge of the Neighbourhood policing of Fenland.

Over the coming weeks I will be sending out invites for council members to attend March Police station. This will not only be so that I can meet them in person but so that I can explain the changes in context and how it will benefit the residents of Fenland.

I have been made aware of rumours circulating in the press about the complete removal of neighbourhood policing from Fenland.
This is categorically not true and I will give a basic overview below.

Fenland will not be losing their local policing team.
However, there will be some changes to the way Neighbourhood Policing is managed across the force.

The Constabulary has recently undertaken a review of how local policing is delivered across Cambridgeshire. This includes moving from six command areas to two:

  1. Peterborough City and Fenland
  2. Souths Cambs, East Cambs, Hunts, Cambridge City

The result is a leaner management structure, a reduction in the number of senior officer posts and an increase of warranted officers in increase front line strength.
With the agreed increase in precept as approved by Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite, there will be a further increase in police officer numbers, with a combined total increase of in excess of 80 additional officers.
A significant number of these will be committed to delivering neighbourhood policing, including in Fenland.

March police station and Wisbech police station will remain as operating bases and still operate as enquiry offices.

Each area will have a Neighbourhood Policing Team to provide local policing.
In addition to the neighbourhood policing teams there will also be Community Action Teams.
These teams will be deployed to areas of greatest need to address particular issues.

Roads and Policing will continue to operate across the region, including Fenland.

Inspector 1797 Lombardo, Fenland Inspector, Post Incident Manager, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Hang on a minute, Jason Ablewhite the PCC has ‘promised’ 105 ‘new’ police offices.
55 from ‘savings’ made and 50 from the increase in Police precept – that makes 105 by my maths.
So Inspector why are you quoting only 80 that’s a difference – Um – let me see oh yes 25 difference that’s -Minus 25 Officers – someone has either been telling me stories or getting their numbers mixed up.

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