Neighbourhood Watch Meeting – NHW

A good meeting even though many of our regular members still had the dreaded ‘Flu’ –
Since January, Secretary Robin Sutton and myself have had complete control of our own database within the system, this has allowed us to tidy up the membership.
We have 32 active members and 48 inactive members.
Pleased to have our PCSO Shane Green in attendance – who brought the group up to date with his work within the area, remember he not only covers Whittlesey, but our 4 villages and Benwick.
An example of Police resources – being that within Fenland there are 3 to 4 missing persons reported – every week, these are usually children and this takes up a lot of Police resources during a shift – fortunately these ‘children’ are found.
The usual issues were highlighted – Anti-social behaviour, Inconsiderate Parking and Identity Theft.
The ‘big push’ being ‘Bogus Police’ contacting people asking them to withdraw money.
The Police or you Bank will never ask you to withdraw money from your Bank.
One person in Whittlesey has already been a victim of this ‘Scam’ – please if you have elderly neighbours, please make them aware.
I have 90 year+ old neighbours who trust and open their doors to all the knock on it.

On 12/03/2018 20:15  Someone has smashed the front window screen of the victims car with a car jack. The offence location is Dandelion Drive, Whittlesey and the victims car is a Silver Audi TT. If anyone has been witness to this or has any information please contact 101 or email us at [email protected] and quote crime number CF0134940318 . Kind Regards PCSO GREEN
Message Sent By Shane Green (Police, PCSO, Fenland – March)
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