The Higher They Rise – The Harder They Fall

The question is: why do so many successful, high-profile leaders, who’ve spent years carefully working their way to the top, flame out so recklessly once they’ve reached it.
Quotation from he Harvard Business School.

The Conservative Group continues a ‘purge’ of sitting councillors, with news that Coates FDC & WTC councillor Alex Miscandlon has become the ‘latest’ to fall and fail in his attempt to be re-selected in next years (May 2019) local elections. The reasoning is a closely guarded, but I dare say will all come out in the ‘wash’ at some time.
Like it or not – similar to Ex FDC Leader John Clark – by default Cllr Miscandlon has brought about an element of consistency in his role as Chairman of the influential Planning Committee – and that’s probably where the issues are….
The consistency is not to everyone’s liking and there has been much comment about Fenlands Planning Committee – much of it in a negative and critical tone over a long period.
Again I ask – what motivation does a standing councillor have – being de-selected some 13 months before the elections.
I would like to think – carry on regardless – but I doubt it – where does this leave the electorate – ?

Steve Garratt

Another long term Whittlesey FDC & WTC Councillor, I understand will NOT be seeking re-election on a conservative wicket – Steve Garatt had been quiet active in his early years as a councillor, somewhat ‘off’ the boil over the past 3 years for various reasons.

His attendances at council meetings are somewhat worrying considering his commitment previously.
Fair as I am – Steve was one of the councillors who secured nearly £1 million funding for the refurbishment of the Manor Leisure Centre.
Steve said: “I have had the privilege of being Mayor of Whittlesey on two occasions the first time in 2004 and second in 2008. I found it a great honour representing Whittlesey and made many friends across Fenland © Cambs Times 2011

Did my ‘antenna’ pick up that Steve is ‘threatening’ to stand as an
‘Independent Candidate’ come next elections – well Steve – bring it on – I challenged you to do so….

Another not ‘Very Happy’ WTC councillor Bob Wickes from Coates may not stand as a Town councillor – before being elected he was extremely vocal at nearly every Town Council meeting, after being elected he has somewhat been very quiet –
His prolific quotation being:
I’m Keeping My Powder Dry’
Sorry No photo of Cllr Wickes – this is the best I could do….

Martin Curtis

So now to Martin Curtis – who is making a come back as a candidate – for ‘Coates’ – of course Martin carries a wealth of experience – that didn’t stop him from forgetting to sign his election papers last time and caused a re-run of that election costing the ratepayer in excess of £6,000.

Many people who picked this up in the press, asked me – Does Martin C have the time and/or the commitment to be back at FDC should he be successful in his re-election.
Remember Martin has had a rather somewhat ‘Toxic’ relationship both with past and present councillors and officers at FDC and has made more than clear of his displeasure of the planning regime at FDC. Maybe for the good or maybe for personal reasoning we wait and see.
Since his last period as FDC councillor, he is now ‘gainfully employed’ and not based locally, this causes logistical issues in attending meetings.

Martins Blog is still on the web although not very active here for a number of years.

Next we will come to current Chair of FDC Cllr Mrs Kay Mayor, possibly one of the hardest working councillors I have ever come across – that said, she has in the past 18 months said she would not be seeking re-election next time.
My understanding is that their has been a change of mind…..

So do ‘we’ in Whittlesey have the prospect of a ‘Dream Team’ – Is it a possibility, that :

‘If’ Cllr Chris Boden (Back of picture) is heading towards being the next leader of FDC.
Mrs Dee Laws (Right on picture) taking over the Planning portfolio.
Mrs Mayor with vast experience, knowledge and very active.
Plus the resurgence of possibly Martin Curtis.

This is a formative group to say the least, and should this come about, we hopefully won’t be playing 2nd and 3rd fiddle to March and Wisbech – which has been the case for sometime.
The BIG question is: Should this ultimately come about – can ‘they’ and will ‘they’ be able to deliver a better future for our town and villages!!!!!

I can now understand ‘why’ the selection process is taking place so early.

So to all the ‘vocal – social networking – keyboard warriors’ have you got what it takes to be a prospective candidate against such a formidable group come May 2016 – I doubt it – prove me wrong….

There is more news, but enough for this week….

Finally for this weeks session, may I wish Ken Mayor a good recovery from his hospital visits. An ex FDC/WTC councillor who promoted Whittlesey over many years.

Ken Mayor

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