Traffic Challenges….

Of course I could use stronger words – why – The main road A605 has a burst water main, discovered yesterday (Sunday) – Road closed since – went by 4 times today and at no time saw any workmen – now that’s not to say they were not there – but certainly every-time I needed to navigate that part of the road – there was NIL activity.
This was the scene on Snoots Road, with HGV’s having to negotiate traffic and legally parked vehicles

Looked on the Whittlesey TC Website and NIL information….If the Peterborough ET was aware and running an article – why wasn’t our Town Council informed – maybe they were and it just didn’t get posted….

To say it was bedlam at times is an understatement of course when-ever one of our routes to/from Peterborough is closed – it causes these issues….

Maybe one of our ‘Dream Team’ (Past, Present or Future) would like to take up the campaign for a ‘Bypass’ – along with the several thousands of houses needed for the argument. (Yawn – don’t hold your breath)

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