Lucky With The Weather!

Since I have several hundred regular readers from overseas (presume ex whittlesey people) some asked if we were badly hit – the answer is NO – however just 5 miles to the west the road conditions were dramatically worse.
Today Saturday – housing estates off the main roads remain a bit hazardous.








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Unlike some places in Holland, our River Bower was not frozen over.
Some kind people built a snowman in St Marys.

click here read story on Fen Skaters

Below is the message sent out by the National Neighbourhood Watch….

Neighbourhood Watch isn’t just about preventing crime – we’re a movement with neighbourliness at our heart and with this cold weather dug in we wanted to send a friendly request to our supporters to check on any elderly or vulnerable neighbours if you can.

Many people are waiting out the weather at home and some won’t have been able to get out for several days now so a friendly knock from a neighbour is welcome. Maybe they need a pint of milk or a can of beans to get them through to the thaw, or a path swept or their dog walked?

Of course your safety is important too – so please think about that and only venture out if you can do so safely.

Thanks to all our supporters for your neighbourliness and all that you do – in good weather and bad –  for your communities.

To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch click here.

Message Sent By Lisa Parker (NHWN, Register Administrator, England & Wales)


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