The Travesty of the Showfields Planning Application

I used this term when the original ‘outline application was approved.
(See FDC Website under F/YR15/0134/O

I am pretty certain that the majority of residents are very aware of this controversial application.
Now we have in the public domain an update from the (New!) owner(s)

F/YR17/1231/VOC  Removal or variation of conditions of planning permission F/YR15/0134/O (Hybrid application: Outline application for the erection of 220 dwellings (max) with access, public open space and associated works/infrastructure. Full application for the engineering works associated with the formation of the vehicular access road off B1040 East Delph) | Land North Of Whittlesey East Of East Delph Whittlesey Cambridgeshire

To read the conditions variation details follow this direct link to FDC’s portal Click Here

Note Fenland District Councils Website Crashes very frequently and is known not to be working for many hours at a time – keep trying is the answer.

The full application/paperwork/objections and associated documents can be found by following this direct link to FDC’s portal Click Here

As of this morning there were 12 objections (These can also be viewed on the above link)
WTC did not receive this application in time for the last Planning Meeting and have asked for further time to respond.

If you feel strongly (for or against) this application I suggest you make your views know.
You can do this by contacting FDC quoting the application number or
Contacting your Whittlesey Town/District Councillor.

Several members of the public have done so already  and planning ‘expert’ Cllr Martin Curtis who is one of the WTC Ward Councillors –
remember objections can only be made on ‘Planning Grounds’

You can find out who your Councillor is by going to WTC website Click Here

I am being very pessimistic – I see NO Showfields Action Group anymore and as of today a relatively small number of objections (Not all on planning reasoning)
I would be very (pleasantly) surprised if this did not get approved.

My post of the original approval July 2015 can be view by Clicking Here

Below the original promotion leaflet lobbying public

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