Showfields Application – Approved…..

F/YR15/0134/0 Land North of Whittlesey East of East Delph, has been passed by FDC’s Planning committee today 22nd July 2015.
Considering what happened 2 years ago, when there was a phenomenal opposition from virtually ALL the town, an action group and £20K raised to fight the appeal that followed the original application.
Today saw empty seats at Fenland Hall (Not the expected standing room only), on my reading the application and taking the FDC’s Officers recommendation (To approve), it was always going to be an uphill battle to ‘reject’ the application, as the applicant Mr Rose had complied with everything that the planning inspector had highlighted.
Remember at appeal, the main objection was to do with ‘Flood Risk’ – it appears that the criteria for this has been met as far as the Officers at FDC are concerned.
The application went for some 3 hours and Whittlesey Town Council were represented.
There was a ‘sprinkling’ of other Whittlesey councillors, but noticeably a number were missing.

So this was for ‘outline planning – for 220 dwellings’

F/YR15/0143/F Land North and West of Moorhen Road – for public amenity space (Country Park) was also approved.

There was some conflict of what Whittlesey Town council figures on applications already passed for future development under the core strategy plan at 1063 houses and those of FDC planning officers at 816 approved for future development –  the figures being a bit wide to say the least….I don’t know who maybe correct on this….

Whatever – this decision today has serious ramifications and effects on our town, its future, and serious infrastructural concerns for many years to come.

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