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A605 It just goes to show !!!!! When (1) of our primary routes into Peterborough (Be it B1040/Thorney Road or North Bank/Pearces Road) is closed, what ‘havoc’ this causes A605 Whittlesey to Peterborough – virtually all week at peak and at times off peak periods the traffic has been nose-to-tail all the way to Cardea/Standground.
Of course our ‘Highways experts’ at Cambs CC do not believe either the public or our elected representatives.
To make things even worse some branches fell  off a tree just beyond the Petrol Station on P’boro Road – then there was the Car Transporter blocking the road just past Kings Dyke Crossing only to be still there on the opposite side 6 hours later causing tailbacks was an understatement.
Now the questions is – When (Yes 2019 Maybe) When the Kings Dyke bridge is eventually built will this solve the problems – well maybe to a small extent but I don’t believe there will be a quantum improvement in the traffic flow – especially when one of the other routes are closed.
Fake News – Well I hope not on this site, however I do have to rely sometimes on 3rd Party information, and it would appear! that the reasons for FDC Leader to resign were not that accurate given in the Cambs Times© – a friend spoke directly with John Clark yesterday – to be informed that the reasons quoted on the Cambs Times© website was off the mark somewhat.
We can all guess his reasons…..
Showfields Planning – You can see my previous post below – I have spoken with people since and ‘most’ are resigned that the next stage (Variation) will probably go through.
Until ‘we’ hear what WTC Councillors (officially) have to say at the next Planning Meeting or Full Council – maybe the experts have something up the sleeves – we wait and see.
The Great Plastic Waste Debate – I could go for ever – but won’t – however I read that there has been a ‘Lot’ of changes of minds by BIG Companies – and I name the Coca Cola Company© who only last year was totally against any idea’s to clean up the earth from Plastics and Cans. There was a lot a people back-lash and maybe-just maybe a change of song. A lot of Hot Air and promises – but will they and others actually deliver.
Our Government just happens to make statements after many ‘years’ of consultation and even more to come – without again any firm commitment in law or statute.
I/We will carry on the fight.
What was that Smelly….. – A number of residents on the Western side of town have again experienced some not so nice ‘smelly stuff’ – a few did report it and most tolerated it.
Quite often when the wind blows in my direction we get ‘Fried Chip Smelly’ – now I wonder where that might come from – fortunately doesn’t last too long.
Finally – Flu – Cold – Pleurisy – I’ve had it (bronchial pneumonia) and many others are badly affected – some being hospitalised mine was discovered whilst on holiday, so I like many did not see a local doctor, go to the walk-in centre or A&E – Many have recovered on their own, so how does the Government know how many have been affected/infected – only those who actually see a doctor or possibly a pharmacist will be recorded.

PS – I nearly forgot –  Congratulations FDC – At the Straw Bear Festival – ALL Toilets in working condition and they were being used – Well Done.

Have a Bug Free Week… Hopefully.

I am Roy Gerstner – I am NOT a councillor.
I am responsible and accountable for what I say and publish.

If you think any of my comments are factually incorrect – please let me know and I am more than happy to correct them.

If you have issues and concerns contact your councillor.

If you feel your problems and issues are not being addressed – let me know – I may be able to help.

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