Beware of Latest Amazon Scam…

Black Friday/Cyber Monday – Christmas around the corner – Amazon is doing MEGA business (Not me at present)  – I received from a correspondent this morning…
Please keep a sharp lookout for these scams –
People in Whittlesey – yes – here are being scammed by the day…..

Just a note re scams,
We received a spam email purporting to come from ‘Amazon’
It was a very good facsimile of a genuine Amazon email and could have fooled a less astute person.
My radar was alerted by the heading which started “Dear Member” – always a give away, but the cruncher was the senders email address.
“ [[email protected]]”.

I find this is a good way of deciding if the email is genuine and suggest you tell your readers to examine the senders address.
I have forwarded the email onto Amazon….

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